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You’re clever and sophisticated, and you deserve a whole home audio system that’s intelligent too. Essentia smartly delivers both listening variety and high-fidelity audio to six zones of your home simultaneously. Plus, six different audio inputs, for playing anything from an iPod playlist to your customized Internet Radio station, matched with delightfully simple navigation, allows everyone the freedom to listen to the music they love most. Kick back and relax with a smooth melody on the deck, while the kids rock out in the den. Simply select a favorite tune from any of NuVo’s several elegant in-wall controllers or your portable Apple device (App requires use of Music Port, MPS4 or MPS4-E). Creating the perfect soundtrack to your life has never been so simple.

And the advantages of this system don’t stop there. The Essentia also boasts advanced Generation D amplification technologies for cooler operation, utilizing less than 1 watt of power while in standby mode, matching the Essentia’s impeccable performance with unique energy efficiency. How great does that sound?

  • Direct wiring for clean audio transfer without distortion or interruption
  • Music can be shared in six rooms, all playing the same song or different tunes at once
  • A variety of six different inputs allows each person to customize and listen to whatever they want
  • High-efficiency amplifier operates coolly and is the most energy efficient system of it’s kind
  • Displays Song and Album information from any NuVoNet Smart Audio Source Component for easy navigation
  • Using RS-232 protocol, music can be accessed and controlled through a whole home automation system
  • An Essentia Expander can add up to six additional rooms of music to accommodate all areas of the home, even the garage, for a full system of 12 zones


  • Essentia Amplifer
  • Six OLED Controllers Pads, Single Gang (with White, Ivory, Almond and Black Wallplates)
  • GRC1 Remote
  • Allport and Allport cable
  • 2 Network cables
  • Power cable
  • 6 RCA Stereo to Y cables
  • Rack ear mounts


You love music, it’s that simple. The way it can inspire and energize, soothe and comfort, right when you need it. The way you can always count on it to be the party guest that really rocks the house. And NuVo loves bringing the music to you, complete with every ounce of feeling it possesses and every last instrumental detail, in your own home. Whatever you need your music to do, our whole home audio solutions make it happen easily and affordably.