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Product presentation 

The performance of interconnects cables, plugs quality and connectors  in general have a major influence on the musical performance of an audio system.

Consequently, we have developed a range of exceptionally performing cables, which can restore every musical parameter, such as rhythm, melody and dynamics. Advance Acoustic cables are the ultimate solution and are guaranteed to optimize a perfect connection between the components.

Contrary to traditional modulation cables constituting of an active conductor (positive) and of a mass wire (negative), the cable of balanced modulation ACS 25 is composed of two active conductors (+ and -) called positive and negative. The separate mass wire acting only as insulant, this technique enables to obtain high-quality musical performance. Besides, an aluminium film surrounds the insulating material to screen electromagnetic disturbances and other surrounding noises.

This cable is recommended for all types of connections equipped with RCA plugs such as a CD reader, a Tuner, etc, but also to connect a preamplifier to an amplifier.

The cable ACS 27, 1.2 metre in length, is also available in 0.7 metre (reference ACS 25).