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Grupo HT-SA


Marca: Ultralink


  • Exclusive, patented 12 AWG design
  • Cryogenically-treated, ultra-high purity, laboratory-grade 6N pure copper conductors
  • Ultra-low capacitance dielectric insulation
  • Quad-shielding (double-shielded, double-grounded)
  • High stability, pressure extruded c(UL) approved outer jacket
  • Protective TechFlex® outer braid
  • Precision molded, connectors 24K direct gold-plated contacts
  • Terminated with UL and CSA approved hospital-grade NEMA and IEC plugs

Quad Shielding
Lowers Noise

High-performance AC power cords must deliver current on demand and filter out everything except 50 to 60Hz. This is not a trivial accomplishment and requires, among other techniques listed under Features, a high degree of shielding. Noise is everywhere; riding the AC supply and ground, high-frequency radiated noise from digital devices, and noise produced by your own A/V system. PowerLine Mk IIs carry two shields and two grounds to get the noise out! Cleaner, less distorted power delivers more transparent, colorful and dynamic sound.