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Marca: Vincent

The CD-S8: A Class On Its Own!
In this product line all was achieved that stands for the Vincent philosophy: listening to music, not matter at which volume level.

Pleasure, not matter at which volume level.
The CD player CD-S8 captivates with its music playback without neglecting the details. In combination with pre-amp SA-T8 and mono blocks SP-T800 the CDS8 builds a detailed and real stage in the listening room, which precisely reproduces the positions of the musicians. This without dissecting the music, it always sound complete and is fun to listen to, as usually only with significantly more expensive components or live. It was a logic consequence to connect the Combi SAT8 and SPT-800 to an adequate signal source. After a long development period and even more listening sessions we are now proud to present the Premium Line CD player CD-S8. Even more three-dimensionality, more precise signal resolution, more musical reproduction. This was our aim, and we are proud to say that we achieved it.