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Klipsch Image ONE On-Ear Headphones

Image One with iPad

The Image ONE On-ear headphone is about listening with passion. It intimately connects you with your favorite artists, letting you experience the honesty behind every soulful note, the intensity of every guitar, the precision of every drum roll and the powerful voice behind every lyric–whether you’re at home or on the go. And thanks to their superior noise isolation, these headphones block out daily distractions to let you listen in peace.

The Image ONE brings high-performance Klipsch sound to people who prefer an on-ear design, and is among the first to feature an Apple-based mic and three-button remote for taking calls and controlling music on iPods, iPhones or iPads.

Amazing Sound and Comfort

These compact headphones are extremely comfortable and offer the same powerful, detailed sound reproduction that has made Klipsch a popular choice among discriminating listeners since 1946. The Image ONE covers a wide frequency range with dynamic detail and delivers strikingly realistic sound.

It doesn’t matter how great a pair of headphones sound if they aren’t comfortable to wear. But don’t worry; the Image ONE has got your ears covered. Each lightweight, pivoting cup fits securely and features premium leather and plush memory foam for hours of pure listening pleasure and superior passive noise-isolation, which blocks out ambient noise and provides enhanced bass. These on-ear headphones feature an adjustable leather headband for custom fit and are compact and sleek so they look as good as they feel.


One Controller

The Image ONE is one of the first on-ear headphones to feature an Apple-based mic and three-button remote system for taking calls and controlling music on iPods, iPhones or iPads. The mic and remote functionality support select Apple products, and are positioned at the cable yoke — where the two cables meet at chest level — to create a more natural feel when answering calls and controlling music. The mic is a highly intelligible 360 degree design with echo cancellation, so your voice will be heard crystal clear without having to talk down, or directly, into it.

Controlling your music on the Image ONE couldn’t be easier. The plus and minus buttons control volume up and down, while the middle button does the rest of the work. When listening to music, press the middle button once to play/pause, twice to track forward and three times to track back. For phone use, press the middle button once to answer and once to end the call. You can also use the middle button to take advantage of the voice control feature on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Just hold down the button and say your command.


Klipsch has gone the extra distance to ensure the durability of each Image model. Subjected to extensive real world testing, Klipsch headphones feature enhanced cables and durable strain relief at every connection point to prevent wire damage. In fact, Klipsch Image headphone products endure some of the most rigorous testing in the industry.


Covered by one of the best warranty programs in the industry, with a 2-year replacement policy on all headphone products as opposed to the 1-year offered by many competitors, you can rest assured that your Klipsch headphones will provide years of listening enjoyment.

Image One With iPhone


The Image ONE does not require batteries. Just plug it into any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and you’re ready to enjoy the full impact of your music. If you have a compatible iPod, iPhone or iPad, the Image ONE allows you to enjoy highly intelligible phone calls and full music and/or voice control via a unique mic and three-button remote.

Added Frills

The Image ONE is available in a sleek black finish with chrome and leather accents. It includes a clothing clip, airline adaptor, ¼” adaptor and premium carrying case.