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• Guided setup and simplified use with easy-to-follow onscreen messages
• Dynamic surround sound for movies, music, sports and gaming
• Easily connect and control up to 6 of your HD video and music sources, with video upscaling to 1080p over HDMI®
• Includes dock for your iPod or iPhone, AM/FM tuner and remote with LED display
• Customizes its sound to fit your room, for a consistent, high-quality performance
• Available with Direct/Reflecting™ speakers

The Bose® Lifestyle™ V25 home entertainment system brings movies and music to life with compelling home theater sound. And now, it’s designed to let you enjoy the experience more easily than ever before. Engineered with exclusive Bose Unify™ technology, this system uses easy-to-follow onscreen messages to guide you through the setup process. It even verifies when you’ve made the correct connections. Enjoy up to 6 HD video and audio sources—such as your Blu-ray Disc™ player, cable box and gaming system. The system also includes a built-in AM/FM tuner and dock for your iPod or iPhone.

Easy to set up. Easy to use.
The beauty of the Lifestyle™ V25 system resides in its breakthrough simplicity. The new Unify intelligent integration system walks you through system setup, step by step. As you're attaching components to the control console, the system recommends the best connectors via on-screen messages. It even confirms that the connection was made properly.

Each connected device is automatically added to the source menu accessed on your TV screen. No more toggling through video inputs to find the right source. If you add a Blu-ray player, it will be shown as a "Blu-ray player" in the on-screen menu. This makes it easy and intuitive for anyone to use the Unify system.

Unify technology also simplifies programming your Bose remote to control your Lifestyle™ system and most anything attached to it. During setup, the Unify system references an internal database to identify each connected component, and automatically teaches the Bose remote to control it. Plus, you'll view system information, including iPod and FM/AM status, on the Bose remote's LCD screen.

And once you're set up …
You'll experience uncompromising surround sound, a hallmark of Lifestyle™ systems. The V25 system includes Direct/Reflecting speakers that blend elegantly into your room. Their performance is complemented by an Acoustimass® module that can be placed in a corner or out of view. Exclusive technology in the module helps provide the emotional intensity you feel at the theater or in a concert hall. Even hidden out of sight, its impact can't be missed.

Sound designed for your room
Your room is unique, with size, shape, textures and other elements affecting the sound you hear. The ADAPTiQ™ system was developed to analyze your room and then adjust the Lifestyle™ surround sound system for a consistent, high-quality performance.

Built-in Bose® link technology can distribute the home theater system's audio to as many as 14 additional areas. Add compatible Bose products to enjoy music almost anywhere, even outdoors.

Dock compatible with all iPhone and most iPod models


Unify intelligent integration system uses onscreen navigation to simplify system setup and everyday use. This proprietary technology walks you through setup, showing the right inputs and best connection options, and even verifies you've done it correctly. Clear, onscreen menus provide all the information you need for your connected sources.

ADAPTiQ audio calibration system provides greater freedom of speaker placement. It analyses the way your room's dimensions and other variables affect sound, then automatically adjusts the sound of your Lifestyle™ surround sound system to the acoustics of your room.

Bose® link whole-home audio technology lets you connect compatible Bose products to your Lifestyle™ home entertainment system for listening in as many as 14 additional rooms-even outdoors.

Control console with abundant inputs/outputs, including 4 HDMI® connections and 2 HD audio connections. Also features built-in AM/FM tuner.

Bose remote features fewer buttons and an LCD screen to simplify management of your entertainment sources. Works on radio frequency to operate through walls and floors.

Dock for iPod expands your music-listening experience. It charges your iPod while docked, and your Bose remote can control your iPod content. Compatible with all iPhone and most iPod models.

Acoustimass module works in concert with the small speakers to deliver a fuller range of theatre sound and effects. The patented Bose design produces low frequencies for all channels with no audible distortion.

Direct/Reflecting speaker technology delivers lifelike spaciousness from a natural balance of reflected and direct sound—similar to a live performance.

Automatic video upscaling ensures movies and sports use the highest resolution capabilities of your display—up to 1080p over HDMI.

Proprietary Videostage™ 5 decoding and post–processing circuitry, combined with digital 5.1 decoding and DTS®, helps deliver a high quality, five–channel surround sound experience from practically any source: DVDs, videocassettes, stereo CDs, even older mono TV shows and movies.

Other cables and accessories included:

• Front speaker cables
• Rear speaker cables
• Acoustimass module power cord
• HDMI® cable
• Power supply
• AC power cords (2)
• Audio input cable
• 4 AA batteries for remote
• IR emitter cable
• Stereo audio cable
• AM antenna
• FM antenna
• Rubber feet for Acoustimass module
• Rubber feet for front speaker
• Operating guide
• USB flash drive (for system updating only)