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Marca: Nuvo

AccentPLUS1 Stereo Outdoor. Enjoy the sound of living everywhere you call home... inside and out.

Discover what makes the great outdoors so great. AccentPLUS1 Stereo Outdoor loudspeakers from NuVo deliver an outstanding performance in any environment, so you can take the sound of living to your patio, sunroom, or pool... anywhere you enjoy outdoor living at home.

The weather-resistant, UV-resistant design allows you to enjoy the legendary AccentPLUS1 sound in the outdoor areas of your home. Inside and out, on-wall mount or bookshelf placement, the unique honeycomb cabinet design will strengthen output, enriching your surroundings with powerful audio.

AccentPLUS1 Outdoor Features:
* Weather and UV-resistant for use in all climates
* Polyethylene cabinets with honeycomb array for increased rigidity
* Bituminous acoustic damping inner lining
* 6.5 or 8 inch Polypropylene cone
* Double Polyetherimide tweeter
* Steel U-bracket for wall mount and attachable bookshelf foot