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The Tannoy Mercury FC Centre Speaker is designed to partner the rest of the Mercury F range in a variety of home theatre system configurations, the Tannoy Mercury FC centre channel speaker is voiced to ensure clarity, tonal balance, coherence and well focussed imaging and effects across the front soundstage.
A compact and solidly constructed speaker, the Tannoy Mercury FC centre speaker is shielded to prevent colour fringing effects when placed close to screens.
The Tannoy Mercury F series loudspeakers utilise materials and components carefully selected to optimise the system performance. Dense wood material used for the cabinet construction, including a substantial MDF front baffle, provides the essential cabinet rigidity required of a good loudspeaker design. To cater for both modern and more traditional décor, all the models are offered in either an apple wood or dark oak vinyl veneer.
The bass and treble units are solidly built providing exceptional acoustic performance and long-term reliability. The bass performance is rich and powerful while the mid and high frequency presentation is accurate, clear and dynamic. This natural sounding acoustic balance allows Mercury to reveal all the scale and impact of original soundtracks, this as well as delivering the subtle nuances of complex audio recordings. One listen and you'll know precisely what we're talking about.
The Tannoy Mercury range offers a choice of loudspeakers for home cinema or hi-fi applications of truly outstanding performance and value.

  • Utilises a 25mm (1") Nitro-urethane layer-damped woven polyester dome tweeter and a powerful neodymium magnet assembly.
  • Two Bass drivers utilise extremely lightweight multi-fibre coated pulped paper cone offering exceptional rigidity.
  • Available in apple wood or dark oak vinyl veneer
  • Recommended amplifier power 10 -90 Watts RMS