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Marca: Jamo


A powerful subwoofer makes any sound-system more dynamic and entertaining to listen to.

And that is what the Jamo SUB 260 is designed to do. Equipped with a long-throw 8-inch woofer housed in a slotted-port-cabinet, it provides the foundation for outstanding performance. With an amplifier capable of 260W of peak power this subwoofer can deliver higher sound-pressure levels at lower distortion, resulting in maximum musical fidelity and reproduction of details.

The strong 8-inch driver uses a very rigid cone made of composite materials, allowing very high excursion with low distortion. The large motor structure features a well ventilated pole-piece, which help cool the voice-coil, increasing power handling and reducing distortion by eliminating unwanted mechanical damping and air-pressure from the system.

The amplifier technology combines the classic sound of high quality analog amplification with the efficiency and power delivery of modern digital technology. The end-result is a subwoofer that provides a welcome addition to any sound-system, be it classic stereo or a full blown surround-sound set-up.


System Type  Slotted port
Variable Phase Control  0 to -180
Impedance  22 k
Power Mode Switch  Auto-On / Off Stand by power: < 0.5
Woofer (mm/in)  203 / 8
Inputs  Line in Left / Right
Product dimensions (mm/in, HxWxD)  325 x 267 x 469 / 12.8 x 10.5 x 18.5
Weight (Kg/lb)  13 / 28.7
Product Finish  Black Ash, Dark Apple, Wenge and White. Not all Finishes are sold in all countries.
Frequency Response (Hz, +/-3dB)  30 - 200
Rated output (W)  260
Cut Off Frequency  40 - 200 Hz