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Big Bass, Small Box

CNet says "the deep bass was impressively deep for a sub as small as the PSW111." You need more convincing? At just a tad over a square foot, this is one of the smallest subwoofers you can buy, and with the combined power of Polk subwoofer technology it's also one of the strongest, biggest, deepest subwoofers you'll ever feel.

PSW111 Features: 

  • Heavy-duty MDF construction is designed and engineered for perfect volume, minutely tuned for distortion-free low frequencies, and internally braced and damped to eliminate internal standing waves and other performance-robbing resonances.

  • This unique configuration uses a specially tuned and directed port to produce maximum bass impact, using your floor as more than just something to stand upon. Downward-firing ports also keep the cabinet's front profile as sleek as possible.

  • Unique driver materials, speaker geometry and enclosure construction techniques that actually produce cleaner, clearer sound is at the heart of our patented Dynamic Balance® process. This process helps the PSW111 perform effortlessly in high stress, big bass situations when you need them most.

  • PSW Series subwoofers outperform the competition with durable, resonance-free Dynamic Balance driver materials that stay stiff and move fast.

  • Our state-of-the-art Klippel distortion analyzer optimizes the woofer's motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension for smooth, unimpeded movement over a broad spectrum of the lower frequencies to ensure the best, most efficient performance even at extreme listening levels.

  • Easily accessible, professional-grade (unfiltered) LFE, line- and speaker-level inputs, and speaker level outputs, allow easy connection to any system.

  • Smart sensing circuitry knows when to turn itself on and off. Superior compression circuitry limits distortion at extreme volume levels. Intelligent amplifier also features adjustable low-pass crossover, phase switch & subwoofer volume controls to professionally control your bass output and the sub's blending characteristics with your front stage speakers.

  • PSW Series subwoofers blend perfectly with systems composed of other Polk loudspeakers, especially TSi, RM and R/T/M Series speakers.

  • Unique design keeps your subwoofer stable and steady even at radical volume levels, for more efficient use of power. No more "escaped washing machine" syndrome.

    Amplifier Specs - 220V AvailabilityYes
    Amplifier Specs - Continuous Power150 watts
    Amplifier Specs - Dynamic Power300 watts
    Dimensions - Product Weight (each)20.30 pounds
    Dimensions Cabinet Dimensions - Depth13 (33.02cm) "
    Dimensions Cabinet Dimensions - Height12 1/8 (30.80cm) "
    Dimensions Cabinet Dimensions - Width11 (27.94cm) "
    Dimensions Enclosure Type - Subwoofer Enclosure TypeVented, downward firing port
    Driver Complement Subwoofer - Diameter8 (20.32cm) "
    Driver Complement Subwoofer - Quantity1
    Driver Complement Subwoofer - TypeDynamic Balance composite cone
    Electrical - InputsSpeaker Level spring terminals, Line Level L&R, LFE (unfiltered)
    Electrical - Lower -3dB Limit42 Hz
    Electrical - OutputsSpeaker Level spring terminals
    Electrical - Total Frequency Response38Hz-250Hz
    Electrical CEA2010 Rating - CEA2010 Low115.5
    Electrical CEA2010 Rating - CEA2010 Ultra75.4
    Electrical Crossover - Subwoofer CrossoverVariable 60Hz-120Hz
    Shipping - Unit of Measureeach
    Warranty - Speaker Warranty5 years parts and labor (original purchaser)
    Warranty - Subwoofer Amplifier Warranty3 year parts and labor (original purchaser)