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Marca: Tannoy

On occasion we can supply discontinued stock or supply a newer model with the same facilities at the same price and sometimes cheaper. Please contact us for more information.

Description: 8" Active Subwoofer with digital LCD controls from UK manufacturer Tannoy

How: The TS 801 uses a substantially built 200mm (8.00”) forward-firing drive unit, with an oversized magnet system, in an exceptionally sturdy and rigid cabinet ensuring extraordinary control of the drive unit and minimising unwanted cabinet resonance. The massive roll surround that terminates the cone to the rigid driver chassis allows substantial cone excursion providing the necessary air movement to ensure very extended low frequency output.

Comments: Occupying less than a cubic foot of space including the cone-shaped spiked feet, the TS 801 is unobtrusive even in a very small room.



• Peak output power 200Watts RMS
• Low frequency response 29Hz
• Inputs 2 x line level phono, 2 x speaker level
• Input filter 50-150Hz, 2nd Order Low Pass, with LFE Provision
• Auto mute After Approximately 15 mins in Absence of Input Signal

• Driver type200mm (8.00”)

• Enclosure type Closed Box, Forward Firing
• Volume 16 litre (0.57 cu. ft.)
• Dimensions 300 x 300 x 280mm (11.81 x 11.81 x 11.02”)
• Mains voltage 120V nominal AC~, 60Hz, 230V nominal AC~, 50Hz
• Mains fuse 120V - T2AL / 250V, 230V nominal AC~, 50Hz
• Weight 9.8Kg (20.5lbs)
• Finish Black

• Presets: Audio, Video, Night Variable Phase Control, 0- 180 degrees, Shelf Filter +/- 6dB Range, Lower Limit 35Hz, Parametric Equaliser (PEQ). +/- 6bB Range, 20-100Hz, Wide Setting (Q=6), Normal (Q=3.5), Narrow (Q=2)